Junsun Car GPS FAQ

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Troubleshooting Guide for GPS Navigation Devices

Having trouble with your GPS navigation device? Read on to find out how to solve common issues, including satellite search problems, map display issues, and device freezes.

If you’re experiencing issues with your GPS navigation device, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Here are some common questions and solutions to help you troubleshoot your device:

  1. Why does my GPS device have trouble finding satellites or search slowly?

A: Factors like weather, high buildings, car protect film, and indoor or outdoor location can affect GPS satellite searching. To get the best results, go outside and find an open space. Also, the first time GPS searching may take a bit longer than subsequent searches, so be patient.

  1. Why does my map display the wrong country (e.g. Europe map showing Russia)?

A: We install maps by continents, so the device may show a map from a different country in the same continent. To ensure accurate directions, make sure the device successfully searches for satellites and enter the address you want to go to.

  1. Why is my device’s battery life so short?

A: The device’s main power supply comes from the car charger plugged into the cigar lighter, not from the built-in battery. The built-in battery only assists the device in normal operation. Use the original car charger to ensure proper performance, and understand that we do not bear responsibility for any issues caused by using other chargers.

  1. Why does my device have no sound?

A: Make sure you’ve turned on the FM transmit function. If FM transmit is on, the device will not have sound.

  1. What is the FM transmit function and how do I use it?

A: FM transmit transfers sound from the device to the car stereo. To use it, turn the FM frequency (which is not usually used) to the same frequency as your car. This will allow the voice to come out through the car audio system.

  1. Why can only part of my device’s memory be used?

A: Memory and cache cannot be used 100%, as device firmware and map software will take up memory and cache. This is normal. For example, if the device has 8GB of memory, the GPS may only display about 5GB or less.

  1. Why does my device still have some English or Chinese even after I change the language?

A: GPS Android supports multiple languages but may not translate 100% of the text. If you have trouble understanding the words, please contact us for assistance.

  1. Why won’t my device turn on or is it frozen?

A: If you’ve been using the device incorrectly, it may cause these issues. Try charging the device with the original charger for half an hour, then click “reset” on the back of the device five times in a row.

  1. Why is there no instruction manual for my device? Is the manual available in other languages or as a PDF?

A: If the product accessories include an instruction manual, we will send it to you. The manual is a generic version that can be used with the same model device and is just for reference. Most instructions are only available in English, but we are happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Just reach out to us for help.


  About GPS Navigation Map 

When you purchase the device, you don’t need to update the map because it already has the latest version. Due to the device’s limited memory, we usually install just one continent map based on the customer’s address information, unless they request additional maps.

Here are some common questions and answers:

  1. How can I update the map?

We will upload map updates to Dropbox and provide you with a link and installation instructions. Please note that all updates will come from our Dropbox, not from other websites.

  1. How can I get other maps?

If you need additional maps, please contact us. Due to the navigator’s memory limitations, we can only install one map (such as Europe, North America, South America, etc.) based on your address unless you request otherwise.

  1. How can I change the distance unit of the map?

To change the distance unit, you will need to restore the map and then set it to your preferred unit. If you need assistance, we can provide you with a video tutorial.

  1. What should I do if the map can’t find an address?

Our map is an offline map and may not include all addresses. If you can’t find a specific address, try searching for nearby addresses.

  1. Why does the device reboot when I press “navigation” or “historical traffic”?

This is normal because the map does not have these functions. When you press the button, the device will reboot.

Regarding map updates, we upload all maps to Dropbox and provide continuous updates for free. This service is unique to our store on Aliexpress. We are committed to innovation, customer satisfaction, and resolving any concerns you may have. If you require map updates after purchasing, please contact us for links and installation instructions.


  Windows CE 6.0 System GPS Device 

  1. Does the GPS Navigation require network support?

A: No, the map is already installed on the device. All you need is to successfully search for the satellite and the GPS navigation will work.

  1. Why can’t the device connect to wifi?

A: The product is a WINCE version, which cannot connect to the internet. We hope you can understand.

  1. How do I connect the Rear Camera?

A: Please connect the red line of the rear camera to the “+” of the car’s opposite lamp and the black line to the “-” of the car’s rear lamp. The device will automatically switch to the camera screen when you shift into reverse gear.


 Android System GPS Device 


  1. What is the process to check the RAM of the Wince system navigator?

A: To check the RAM of the Wince system navigator, please follow these steps: go to “Settings” -> “System” -> “Sysinfo” interface. The RAM capacity is 256GB, but since the map is already installed, the available RAM may be less than that.

Note: this is the only way to check the RAM.

  1. How can I check the RAM of an Android navigator?

A: To check the RAM of an Android navigator, go to “Settings” -> “Apps” -> “Running”. If the message “RAM 358MB used and 119MB free” is displayed (358+119=504MB), it means that the device has a RAM capacity of 512GB. The same method can be used to check the RAM capacity of 256GB/1GB.

  1. Why is it not possible to use Google Play or other app stores on the device?

A: There may be several reasons why Google Play or other app stores do not work on the device:

  1. Some apps may only support installation on internal storage.
  2. The APK may not be compatible with the device’s system version.
  3. The power management app’s black screen protection may be causing this issue. You can try uninstalling this type of app.
  4. Too many apps running at the same time can cause the cache to be insufficient, leading to forced app stops or installation failures.
  5. This issue may be caused by the system.
  6. How can I install apps?

A: While we cannot guarantee the functionality of Google Play, you can try the following methods:

  1. Download the apps on your computer and install them on the device.
  2. Download a local app store on your computer, install it on the device, and use it to download other apps.

Note: If you cannot install or run other apps, please check the cache and whether the app is compatible with the device.

  1. Why do apps stop working when I run them?

A: When the device installs and runs apps, it requires sufficient cache support. If there is not enough cache, the apps will stop working. You can try the following methods:

  1. Go to “Settings” -> “Apps” and delete apps that are not needed.
  2. Go to “Settings” -> “Apps” and clear the cache.
  3. Close some apps and avoid running too many apps simultaneously.
  4. Why is it that even though the device shows enough memory, apps cannot be installed?

A: As the device is an Android device, similar to a smartphone or tablet PC, its firmware sets up the RAM available for application installation, which cannot be changed. The other memory is available for GPS data and file storage but is not for application installation.

  1. Why is the Android GPS slow?

A: GPS navigation is a professional automotive supply, and we do not recommend using it as a tablet. Avoid downloading too much software, such as games, videos, software, and other items, as this will cause the device to run slowly. We suggest using a smartphone to download the software instead.

  1. Why is the radar not working, and how can it be made to work?

A: There could be several reasons why the radar detector is not working, such as different local frequencies or sensing chips. We cannot guarantee that the radar will work in every area, so please consider this before placing an order. To make the radar detector work, first make sure that the device has successfully searched for a satellite. Then, open the radar detector program (yfgo), and it should work.