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Junsun WiFi Car DVR Camera Novatek 96655 IMX 322 Full HD 1080p Video Registrator Recorder with GPS

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Product Description

Hidden Non-destructive Installation Designed for the original car style,do not block the line of sight.

Take power from cable instead of previous fuse box. It’s easy for customer to connect Hidden the wires

integration with the vehicle. It will start or turn off by your car and stop when you unplug your car key.

No built-in lithium battery, avoid battery become overheated or explosion.




 Warranty  About Junsun  

Top Ten Brands, worth to trust; 970K + fans, popular among customers;


 High quality  

All the products will be tested before shipment, do not worry


 Ship time  

After verify payment will ship out within 48H from China warehouse, and 24H ship from local warehouse ; (China working time)


 Return & Repair  

Please inform us if receive goods with problem, we accept return for exchange or refund;


 Feature  Novatek 96655  

Loop Recording, powerful IC, Loop Recording, you can set the video fragment as 1minute / 2 minutes / 3 minutes, overwrite the fragments recorded before, if the storage is full . Support 8G – 32G Micro SD card


 Built-in WiFi  

Support iOS and Android APP manipulation.You can watch the recorded videos, download the videos ,share the videos from the DVR to your Android phone or iPhone, just via WiFi, not waste your internet flow. You can search RORO CAM ,in APP Store or Play Store.


 Full HD 1080P  

Full HD resolution, Wide view SONY IMX 322 1/3 CMOS sensor, support WDR, 155 degree, F2.0 , 6 pieces glasses camera, high day and night vision quality .


Built-in G-Sensor  

Save the important video when crash,sudden braking to a special folder to avoid it was overwrote .




Unobtrusive and Compact Size;This dashcam is described as being stealth and it is neat than most of other
cams.  Because of good size, it fits neatly to rear view mirror, which doesn’t obstruct your view when driving.



  1080P video, HD resolution, wide view


  • SONY IMX322 sensor 1/3 CMOS, WDR support, 160 degrees, F2.0, 6 pcs glasses
  • high quality camera day and night vision.


Wifi connection, real-time to watch and download videos 


The APP supports both iOS & Android systems, download and view online visual

resources, look up historical video, simple operation, no consumption of SIM flow





Video Live View


Video Play back






WiFi  connection method






Support AV-OUT 
Support AV-OUT, can connect with Car DVD player,share the video to the display
( the player should support AV-OUT and install the app),real-time display





Applicable Type of Cars  


The dismeter of the original car mirror base is smaller than 4.3cm, can be installed


Warm tip: the following 9 kinds of mirror bracket can be installed




1 Follow the manual of your car or search the information from internet to find your car fuse box ,open the box with the plastic pry tool (if you have to use it)

2 Use the electro probe ,find the ACC power fuse and Constant power fuse ,we recommend you use reading lamps , headlights, tail lamps , turn signals, power windows fuse to supply for the Constant power (if they are constant power fuse )

3 ACC power: When you plug your car key then turn it to ACC ,the power will work .if you urn your car Key to Lock or unplug your can ,the power will be off .Connect the red wire (ACC) with the ACC power fuse.

4 Constant power: plug or unplug your car key ,the power is uninterrupted .Connect the yellow wire ( B+ ) with the Constant Power fuse. For some cars ,you have to cut the wires, refit them then connect them with the car fuses .Then plug the fuse to where it is

5 The GND wire (black ) to connect it with steel plate or screw

6  Connect the car DVR with the wires ,then turn your car key to ACC ,test the car DVR Can work or not .Connect your smart phone with the car DVR via WiFi ,open the app as RORO CAM to manipulate the car DVR and find the best installation position



  Free Gifts  

We do not accept the dispute about the gifts ,they are free .
tool DC 6V-12V-24V electro probe.









Automatic recording at emergency, reappear the accident process
The device is built in G-sensor with adjustable sensitivity,   automatically record, store the important video and ensure the benefits of driver


24 Hours Parking Mode
 the camera will record automatic when people or things in fornt of your car.





General Information
CPU & Frequency Novatek 96655
Sensor SONY IMX 322
Recording Resolution 1920*1080 30fps
Video Format MOV
Audio Built-in
Picture format JPEG
Picture Resolution 4 M
Fragment  1 minute/ 2 minutes / 3 minutes
Storage  C10 TF card ( 2G – 32G)
Material ABS+PC+PP
WiFi REALTEK RTL8189ES ,802.11 b/g/n
Standby Current 6-12 mA
Supply voltage  DC 12V


  Note :  
  •  that the device does not have a battery, Pelase connect the power supply
  • If the time of car DVR is wrong ,connect the car DVR with your smart phone via WiFi
  • open the app ,the time will update auto ,if not ,you can set the by yourself
  • The videos in app is not as good as the video on SD card ,if you want to watch the 1080P video ,you have to unplug the SD card ,then plug it to your smart phone or use a SD card reader to watch the videos on your computer
  • As the  DVR is very strict with a memory card, we recommend you use the  high speed  class10 and 16-32GBTF card , then the DVR will work smoothly.  Because  the low speed card  may appear  freezing  when record.  If DVR could not identify the memory card, please format the memory card in computer first, and then format it in DVR for 3-4  times , or change the good quality TF card.





Q: Why can’t turn on the DVR?
A: Make sure connecting your car power when running the device. Or it can’t work well.
Q: How set the date and time of DVR?
A: Please connect your phone with wifi and the date and time will updates as your phone does.
Q: How to understand the dvr is recording or not?
1 if you turn off connect the phone via wifi , the green led keeps light, the blue is flash , it is recording .
2 if you connect the phone via the wifi , the green and the blue led  flash , it is recording .
Q: How to connect the cellphone and DVR?
A: Step 1: connect the device wifi first. Pass words:12345678. See the video as reference:
Step 2: Download the application and install it. Then you can check the video on by the application.
Q: Why it ask to install another application not the ROROCAM when scan the code for Android phone application?
A: Please click the second one marked on the picture. It might remind it is not safe, please don’t worry and continue to download and install. It doesn’t matter.
Q: Why can’t make a loop recording?
A: Format the card for 3-4 times in the device ,and please turn off the G-sensor,In your phone settings inside.
Q: The dvr can’t read the SD card?
A: Make sure using a high quality class-10 sd card for this dvr. Test the memory card by connecting computer and reading; Format the card for 3-4 times in the dvr and have a try.
Q: How to take a photo?
A: 1 stop the wifi connect to the phone , then click the button of take picture .
2 Connect the wifi to the phone , and download , then you will see photos in the phone.
Q: How to install the dvr to car?
A: 1. turn off the car , use the Test pencil to check which one will make the Test pencil light , and then this one is for the yellow cable ,
2. turn on the car , use the Test pencil to test , which one will make the Test pencil light , then this one is for the red cable .
3. you can charge the black  cable to any where , such as the ground cable.
Q: The dvr runs slow when making recordings.
A: Make sure use a high quality class-10 SD card. Is it still tuns slow, format about 3-4 time in the dvr and try again.


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