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Junsun Ambarella Car DVR Camera Junsun Dashcam H030 ADAS LDWS FHD 1296P Video Recorder GPS

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Product Description



Color Name None With GPS With Remote Snapshot Button
1 2
Chip TOP Ambarella A12 TOP Ambarella A12
Angle 160 degrees 160 degrees
Aperture 6G+IR Lens/F1.8 Aperture 6G+IR Lens/F1.8 Aperture
Image Sensor OV4689 OV4689
Video Resolution         2304*1296P 30fps 2304*1296P 30fps
1920*1080P 30fps  1920*1080P 30fps
GPS trajectory No Yes
ADAS Function No Yes
LDWS Function No Yes
With Remote Snapshot Button No Yes
WiFi support support
Recording support support
Gravity sensing support support
Loop recording support support
TOP Ambarella A12 chip
Ambarella A12 Super HD Quality and Performance Protection.
  • Full HD 2304* 1296P @ 30fps
  • Full HD 1920×1080P @ 30fps
Refined Optical System
  • Junsun H030 apply Omnivision OV4689 CMOS sensor of 4 million pixel and 6 groups of precision glass lens of F1.8 aperture, 1 infrared filter , 160° Large wide angle.
  • Ultra full HD night vision ,being able to Capture license plate number within 15 meters far away.
High-speed WiFi connection
  • Connects Junsun H030 with your mobile phone via the built-in WiFi.Use mobile phone to live preview,playback and download videos at anytime and anywhere.do not consume mobile phone traffic.
A key to capture, record faster
  • Users can pass the Bluetooth remote control or mobile phone APP, at any time on the front of the accident, Landscape, with the case of Park photos. Really want to shoot to shoot, not miss a glimmer of wonderful moments
Advanced GPS Tracking
  • Advanced GPS tracking with new version built-in GPS module—record routing and speed data.
ADAS Warning
  • Give out alarm when the distance is too short between front and back car.
LDWS Reminder
  • When the vehicle is deviated from the original track, the system quickly detect and judge, alarm.



Not The Same Driving Mood
Ambarella A12 Super HD Quality and Performance Protection





ADAS Front Car Distance Warning
Give out alarm when the distance is too short between front and back car



LDWS Track shift Warning
When the vehicle is deviated from the original track, the system quickly detect and judge, alarm.




Remote Snapshot Button
Keep you safe with the second generation snap button
Press remote button and snapshot interesting moments ( traffic accident,beautiful scenery,funny moment…) along the driving road.
One “press” save a photo.





Advanced GPS Tracking
Advanced GPS tracking with new version built-in GPS module—record routing and speed data;
New generation GPS system; High speed positioning.


Super Capacitor = Safe
High temperature and high safety,Low temperature performance guarantee.
Open the APP and watch the real time video without previous downloading. Driving speed and direction displays on the screen. Video time delays within 300 milliseconds.
To make an accident assertion, you just need to open the APP and playback the video by touching the thumbnail and the timeline. system adopts streaming media module (no more need previous downloading).



APP control, a key share
Browse through APP shoot good video and photos to a key forwards circle of friends, microblogging, QQ, etc.,
               Let scenery along the way wherever you shoot to share.



APP installation
please scan the following QR code to download the ask “ WiFi-CarDV ”


And installate the ask, and let ” WiFi-CarDV   ”
to visit your photo in smart, hone and confirm OK If not
 you can not visit the photo taken by the car camera on phone.
Dual-Port USB Car Charger
Support 2.4A fast charge,Support 12-24V wide voltage input, car, truck can be use

Personality Design

Install Method




Junsun H030
Product Number H030
Chip Ambarella A12
Screen Size No
Support For Memory Cards Support Max SD card storage 32GB  (optional)
Angle Lens angle: 160 degrees
Aperture Aperture: F1.8
The Camera Pixels 400W
Image Sensor OV4689
Number of frames 30 frames per second
Video and photos H.264 compression technology
Video format: MP4
Video resolution: 2304 * 1296P 30fps; 1920 * 1080P @ 30fps;
Picture format: JPEG
GPS trajectory Support (optional)
Bluetooth Support (optional)
WiFi Support
Other Functions Recording: Support
Gravity sensing: support
Loop recording: supported
Microphone: built-in
Noise Cancellation of Microphone: Built-in
Power Supply 12 / 24V input DC 5V / 1A output
Dual USB head car charger






1. How to view the video on the phone ?

1) please download the app :

For Android Phones:


For iPhone: download from Apple Store: WiFiCarDV 1.2



You can follow the video how to find iPhone app:


when app update ,It will remind you updating to the latest one automatically.

2)after you download the app, then turn on the device , go to settings, find a named DVR– wifi , connect it , the password is 123456789; then go to the app, click the connect ;

2 About application language?

1) For iPhone: ONLY English and Chinese available(please change the phone language to english , then go to app again , the app will be English ;), but we will keep upgrade the app;

2) For Android: Turkish,Spanish,Hebrew,Finnish,Filipino,Hungarian,Swedish,Slovak,French,Japanese,Polish,Portuguese,Thai,Irish,Chinese (Simplified),Dutch,Russian,Italian,Arabic,Czech,Danish,Greek,German,Malay,English,Ukrainian,Korean.

Note: The APP language will be the same as your phone’s but the bottom’s can’t change.


3. How to connect the remote button to DVR?

1) Inter the SD card and turn on the device

2) Press the button for 3-6 seconds after turn on the device within 1 minutes;

3) After notice the Bluetooth is ready, you can use the button to take pictures .

4) If you can’t connect, please do the follow step:

Turn on DVR , do the factory set in the phone , then try the step:;



4. How to reset/do factory set?

Connect the app,and then click “restore the default value”



5. Why my iPhone can’t connect the APP and view the video?



Please check the application for iPhone you downloaded and make sure it is the latest :wifi-CarDV 1.2 version.



Make sure your iPhone version is the latest one.

6. How to use GPS function and view the GPS Logger?

1. Make sure the device search the satellite successfully first(it will have voice “GPS ready”) ,;

2. then make the video when you drive ;

3. Install the following video Player implication and pay the video by this APP, you can video the GPS information.

4. 1. For MAC:       https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lal0okk65pwlqo9/AACP7u9zOoni8ApV0fgachjya?dl=0   

2. For Windows: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w4ui8bk1tlujsv6/AAD3A5RL8w-0ZjUilA97fmLDa?dl=0

7. How to turn on ADAS and how it work?

1. Please turn on the ADAS at the APP .

2. Give out alarm when the distance is too short between front and back car. ADAS includes 4 functions: ADAS Front Car Distance Warning, LDWS Track shift Warning, Advanced GPS Tracking; and Light Remind at Night;

8. How the LDWS work?

Please open the ADAS, When the car is deviated from the original track, the system quickly detect and judge, alarm.

9. How to inter the TF card?

Turn out the back cover and find the TF card slot, then you can inter it.

Here is the video for your reference:



10 How to view photos on my phone?

Stop record and view the photos on the phone Album.

The photos took by remote button can ONLY view on computer.

11. About video Player?

Two version video players for different computer system, please check and install the correct one for your computer.

1. For MAC: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lal0okk65pwlqo9/AACP7u9zOoni8ApV0fgachjya?dl=0

2. For Windows: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w4ui8bk1tlujsv6/AAD3A5RL8w-0ZjUilA97fmLDa?dl=0

12. Can I download APP from other stores?

1.Android APP: No, only we can give you app, do not worry,  we also use the app by the same way , this is safe, please rest assured.

2.iPhone APP: Yes, you can download from Apple store.

13. Does it need to connect the phone all the time?

You do not need to connect the phone all the time ; No matter you connect the phone or not , the device will recording , the phone is just a way to view the video ;

14. Can’t registered an account for the APP?

The device can not register the other country’s phone number , but we will upgrade the app ; and we have test. it does not matter you register or not , it does not affect you use the device

15. Why the record time isn’t correct and how to do?

1. The device with GPS: it will update automatically after turn on the GPS.

2. The device without GPS: Please Synchronize time at the APP.

16. How to turn off or increase the volume?

No, the volume can not be change, the other DVR also can not change the volume, because the main function is to make video, and you can view the video in the computer , then you can change the volume;

17. Junsun H030 recorder video clear?

Junsun H030 is equipped with a new generation of Ambarella A12 chip, than the Ambarella A7 chip performance by 20%, shooting is very clear.

18. Junsun H030 APP support which mobile phone system?

Suggested in Android 4.4 version above, iOS8.0 above mobile phone installation.

19. how much memory card support?

8G – 128G, Class 10 .

20. how long is the power cord? Can I hide the power cord?

Power cord length of 3.5m, you can hide the power cord.

21. mobile phone view or download video consumption of mobile phone traffic?

Mobile APP view download video is transmitted through the WIFI hotspot, do not consume mobile phone traffic.

22. car charger can charge to the phone?

Junsun H030 contains dual USB car, you can charge the recorder while charging the phone.

23. support parking monitoring function?

Support, but need to purchase uninterrupted power, connect the car safe box.

24. the working temperature?

The normal operating temperature is: -20 ° – 70 ° C

25. Does it consume mobile traffic when view from my phone?

No. Mobile phone App view download video is transmitted through wifi, do not consume mobile phone traffic


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