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Junsun V1pro AI Voice 2 din Android Auto Radio for BMW E46 M3 318/320/325/330/335 Carplay 4G GPS

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Product Description

Attention !! 1.Applicable models

For BMW E46 Sedan 4-Door (1998-2005)
For BMW E46 Coupe 2-Door (1999-2006)
For BMW E46 Convertible 2-Door (1999-2006)
For BMW E46 Touring 5-Door (1999-2005)
For BMW E46 Hatchback 3-Door (2000-2004)
For BMW E46 M3 (2000-2006)
For Rover 75 (1999-2005)
For MG ZT (2001-2005)

2. If your car radio cable interface is 17-pin and 4-pin is empty (Figure B), this radio is not suitable for your car and the cable is not compatible, please do not buy it !!!

3. If your car has an amplifier in the trunk, you need to buy a 6m extension cable, contact customer service

4.If your car has a fiber optic plug (blue and white plugs), our product is suitable, but the interface will be broken after installation.

5.If there is a DSP (digital sound processing) button on your factory radio, or your car has a digital sound system such as “Harman Kardon” or “Bose”, you will need to modify the speaker cables. You need professional engineers to modify it.

6. Please check the center console of your car and see if there is an air conditioning cover, if there is, you can remove it from the container and then install this unit in your car perfectly.

7. Check if your car radio antenna port is inside the console; If it is, you must order a radio antenna adapter to finish the installation.

>> Why choose Junsun ?

1. AliExpress Top 10 Brands, Junsun Official Store has 1300K + fans, popular among customers. our goal is to keep working hard to make innovative hardware & software of the Car Multimedia player radio to give you that personalized experience. We provide updates for Firmware, Software, UI, GPS Navigation maps for FREE.

2. All products have been passed strict quality test before shipment, make sure high quality.

3. After verify payment will ship out within 24H from local warehouse (EU,ES,PL,RU), Among them, ES and PL can be sent to the entire European region,and 24H ship from China warehouse in Working day time.

4. If the product has a problem within 365 DAYS after receipt confirmation, support for free return and refund within 15 days, or we will replace the new machine directly for you, but please contact us first to communicate(24H customer service)

You can check tracking information and parking location on your phone; What’s more if you buy the special DVR, you can take a picture what happen nearby your car; making your trip safe, fun, and convenient.

PS : Please contact us after purchase to get Junsun online software.

Just say the command word and “Top” will do the job for you, for example open Navigation, open music, play video…. make your drive more easy and safe.

>> Junsun V1 Function For BMW E46 Coupe (M3 Rover) 316i 318i Function

> Basic functions: Android 10.0 + 9 inch IPS Screen + Quad Core 1.2GHZ (Eight core 1.8GHZ optional)+ DDR3 1GB Flash (2GB/4GB/6GB/8GB optional) + 16 GB Memory (32GB/64GB/128GB optional) + WIFI (4G Network optional)+ Mirror link+ Steering Wheel Control + RDS/DSP(optional)

> Special functions

1. PIN to PIN:Junsun radio’ power cable is pin to pin, easy to install;
2. Built-in Carplay/ Android Auto: just use your phone cable connect it, stable and easy to use;
PS: V1C do not support;
V1 (16GB) only support Android Auto, but need to buy;
V1 (32GB) support Carplay/ Android Auto;
V1Pro (32GB/64GB) support Android Auto and wireless CarPlay, but need contact us to activate it, and after use it, then there is no android auto function;
V1Pro (128GB/256GB) support Android Auto and wireless CarPlay;
3. Support Headrest : Only Junsun V1 version support;

> Optional accessories

1. AI Voice Control: just say the command word control the radio without hands, make drive more safe
2. ADAS DVR Camera, Tire pressure monitoring, OBD2, External Microphone, RCA cable;

Only need to use a USB cable to connect the phone and the radio together, control and handle mobiles via device, open your safe driving life.

V1C do not support;
V1 (16GB) only supports Android Auto, but need to buy;
V1 (32GB) support Wired Carplay and Android Auto (but need to buy);
V1Pro (32GB/64GB) supports Android Auto and Wired CarPlay, as well as Wireless CarPlay ,It needs to purchase an activation code to activate, and after use it, there is no Android Auto function;
V1Pro (128GB/256GB) supports Android Auto and built-in wireless CarPlay;
All the V1Pro Android Auto is free , but need contact us to activate

Junsun has pre-installed offline maps and is permanently free to update

With 4G card slot and antenna (Junsun VIpro support)

You can use navigate and other applications at the same time, such as listening to music or turning on ADAS functions ect.

Automatically switch to reverse screen with parking line when reversing the car

Warm and important tips:

1). The device need to search satellite success first time, then it will update time,

2). Please understand that the system and preinstalled apps will take part memory; if install Russia map will take about 3GB; if install Europe map, system will take about 7GB;

3). This is the cable location diagram:

1. Why do you have such low prices in your store?
We have our own factory in China, and the main parts; We manufacture devices (for example, a screen and a head unit, etc.) in our factory. Thus, the cost of products is lower than that of other company. The other and most important reason for the low price is our desire to please Car DVD buyers.

2. What is the difference between WiFi and 4G version?
The device have navigator, play music, help park function, etc.However, in order to connect the radio to the Internet, you will need to use your smartphone as a modem. Therefore, for those car owners who actively use the Internet when traveling, we recommend purchasing a device with 4G. Since if all the time keep the phone in modem mode, it will quickly discharge.

3.If you do not like the product, is it possible to return?
If you are not really satisfied with the purchase, you can return the goods. Send it to our warehouse in Russia/Spain/China; As for the refund, if it will be impossible to return the money through Aliexpress, we will return it to you on the card. Do not worry, we value our reputation very much and therefore we try to provide the best possible service to our customers.

4.How to set up the steering wheel controls
>1G+16G/2G+32G WIFI version
Setting–car infotainment–SWC–click clearall first —then click the icons,When it flashes, press the button on the steering wheel to match the icon. After learning successful, it will change color
>4G+64G version
Setting-genaral–steering wheel setting
Please press the button on the steering wheel, and at the same time click the button on the screen to match, it will change color after matching.
Note:If your order comes with canbus ,please go to set up the canbus type ,then the button can work,please contact our customer service for help.

5.How to connect the rear camera ?
1)Red cable ① is connected to the backup light “+”
2) black cable ② is connected to the backup light “-”
3)The reversing detection cable ④(Brown color) is connected to the red cable ③ which extending from the video input cable
4) ⑤ cable does not need to be connected

6.How to change the Boot Logo for WIFI version?

Settings —Car infotainment —Common—Boot logo —password 5678—you can choose the logo you want

7.How to make OBD2 work for WIFI version?

Please enter the settings to remove the OBD2 icon to the desktop, and then connect normally.

Settings–Car infotainment–About device—Click gear on the right(it ask for a code 8888)—Menu icon double click left icon ,it will show in the right box ,then save it . restart it.


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