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Junsun New 4G ADAS Android Car DVR Camera 10″ Streaming RearView Mirror 1080P GPS Registrar Special Video Recorder

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Product Description




>10 inch Full Screen Widescreen Preview Display 

The high transparent 10-inch 16:9 LCD widescreen offers a broader view which enables you to monitor the whole road while driving.


> Streaming Video Full Touch Display 

The streaming video mirror improves roughly four times greater field of vision than a traditional rear view mirror.


> Flexible Front Camera

Considering some customer’s original rearview mirror is longer, so we design it with one flexible front camera, 3cm longer can be adjustable.


> 1:1 Split View Display

Full mirror display front video or image; fully display back video or image; 1:1 split view of the back and front image, video; picture and picture display.


> Full HD 1080P Video  

Front camera captures full-hd 1080p video. wide dynamic range allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.



Surfing network anytime anywhere;  Network band : 2G / GSM:900(B8)/1800(B3);  3G /WCDMA:2100(B1)/900(B8); 4G/LTE:FDD,2100(B1)/1800(B3)


> ADAS Plus Make Driving Safer 

Advanced Driving Alarm Systems (LDWS/ FCWS/FVMA) , it is useful alarm systems to keep your driving safer.


> GPS Navigation

Junsun GPS Navigation has a search field that makes it easy to find addresses. Speed limit indicator – unit displays speed limits for most major roads.


> Remote Monitor on Car Assist APP

Check views on the mirror dvr by smart phone. Keep surfing Internet and remote monitor your car driving path. Download important videos and one Key to share beauties of car driving.

Tips: The device need connect to original car charger will work well , Otherwise the screen will flash because of unstable voltage and current. we will according to your car model give you bracket, after make order, please leave us your car information in detail





Dual Usage Iconic Design Flexible Installations (For A910P and K930P)

Method1: Rubble Straps installation

Fix our car dvr on your original rearview mirror (No need remove the car mirror);

Method2: Special Mount Installation

Remove your car original mirror and bracket and then install the car dvr instead.




Now the problems are  solved with this device !



Method1:Fix the Mirror DVR on the car original mirror
(No need remove the original car mirror)


Method2:Special Mount installation
(Please remove your original car mirror & bracket)
                                                                                                          Real Installation Images:



See the world with full screen
The display employs new techniques and technology to precisely
follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded
corners, to ensure 100% image view will be displayed in this 10inch
entirely mirror screen.
Triple wide rearview by streaming video technology
Streaming media rearview mirror use full screen instead of original
rearview mirror display rear image of vehicle on screen in real time
through camera. Compared with rearview mirror, it is less affected
by bad weather and view clear. Full screen display and 3 times rear
view to broaden vision for driver. Make your driving safe.

4G SIM card & WIFI


Thanks to 4G SIM card and built in wifi, no matter where you are driving, you will enjoy the fun from internet

surfing , 2G / GSM:900(B8)/1800(B3);  3G /WCDMA:2100(B1)/900(B8); 4G/LTE:FDD,2100(B1)/1800(B3)

Only  Model k930p versions support.



GPS  Navigation
Download your favorite GPS to internal memory, with the addtional GPS antenna,  this dvr provides the best
experience no matter the destination is. Plus, it’s   3G/4G network function , helps the dvr to get more quickly   and
smoothly online GPS navigation. ps: we will according to your address install the sygic map;




> ADAS Plus Make Driving Safer

Advanced Driving Alarm Systems (LDWS/ FCWS/FVMA) , it is useful alarm systems to keep your driving safer.


> Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Drowsy or distracted driving greatly increases the chance of an accident on the road.  The LDWS will alert the driver when the vehicle goes off lane in a speed over 50 km/h.

> Only Model A930P/K930P supports ADAS.




Remote Monitor on Car Assist APP
Remote Car Assist APP, check views on the mirror dvr by smart phone.    Keep surfing Internet and remote monitor
your car driving path.    Download important videos and one Key to share beauties of car driving.
Only  Model A930P/K930P versions support.






FHD 1080P video recorder


This device comes with two wide-angle cameras and can for the front and rear of your vehicle. The two HD Cameras can record simultaneously automatically capturing every fleeting moment.







Reverse Camera


The car dvr automatically switches to the back camera image view by 10” full mirror screen when the car is on reverse.
It comes with high quality images which help to identify vital details such as license plates, driver actions and road features which may prove your innocence.




2.5D Glass Mirror


A forged masterpiece of 2.5D glass with smooth curves and seams that dissolve into the design.


Phisung H58 dvr_18

Universal bracket support all car models, but the different installation methods, please rest assured purchase.


Bracket List for  A910P/K930P



 Universal bracket
( Support for all cars )






Warm and Important Tip

 1.The device need connect to original car charger will work well , if you charge at home with other charger the screen will flash or the device will damage because of unstable voltage and current.
 2. Before order 3G/4G version, please check the sim internet support your local band: 2G / GSM:900(B8)/1800(B3);  3G /WCDMA:2100(B1)/900(B8); 4G/LTE:FDD,2100(B1)/1800(B3). otherwise,this function not working ; when use the sim card, please insert the   sim card in right way, you can follow the picture in the webpage (see the description about 3G/4G)
Q: What’s the   map the device support?
A: Before ship, we will install the sygic map according your address; but it is also support the other map, such as Google map, Yandex map, Waze map, T-map etc;
Q:When use map need internet?
A: You can download offline map, then do not need internet; if you need online map , then need connect wifi or 3G/4G sim card;
Q: Why there is no sound?
A: Please turn off FM, then there is sound;


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